Wine Channel: How to pair Indian food with wine

Posted: Tue, Nov 17 2020

Be it a festive dinner or a lunch at an elegant restaurant a great wine pairing always creates a balance in your meal while elevating your dining experience In India the wine culture is still growing and people are still experimenting with wine pairing with food It is still thought of as an unconventional thought and popping a bottle of wine at a casual dinner might sound offensive to some However if we look at the bigger picture wines pairing with Indian food is quite unconventional on its own which can result in an amazing experience If you look at the Indian cuisine you will realise that its intensely flavoured with a hint of spices The spices make the Indian dishes quite complex and to balance this complexity simple wines like white wine rose wine are suggested to make the whole tasting experience interesting Wine pairing with Indian food depends on how spicy the dish is and what sauces are used to make it To answer all your queries we have Vaniitha Jaiin who is a wine and spirits expert and will tell you all about pairing Indian food with wines Vaniitha has judged Concours Mondial de Bruxelles a World Wine Championship and is the only Indian Lady Judge for one of the most prestigious wine spirits challenge competition International Wine Challenge 2020

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