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Tue, 04 Feb 2020

In Vino Veritas Lxxvi Wine Needs Education

Bear with me on this one, as I see troubles ahead for restaurant wine sales in the not-too-distan...

Mon, 03 Feb 2020

A Study Identifies 17 Key Compounds In Wine Aromas

Maybe words such as ethyl butanoate and octalactone sound unfamiliar to most people who drink win...

Sun, 02 Feb 2020

Goodbye Cabernet Sauvignon How Climate Change Will End Wine As We Know It

The prospect of hotter summers, warmer winters, drought and violent weather events have caused ex...

Thu, 30 Jan 2020

How A Wine Professional Was Influenced To Start A Company For Humanity

Every once in a while people have a game changing experience. Below is the story of a startup in ...

Thu, 30 Jan 2020

Luis Torres

Luis Torres, Humanity in Everything LLC Founder (2015) GO-Wine Co-Founder...

Wed, 29 Jan 2020

Climate Change Could Force Winemakers To Seek New Varieties Of Grapes

Grapes used in winemaking are especially sensitive to changes in weather.
Earth's record-set...

Tue, 28 Jan 2020

Could Your Favourite Merlot Or Cabernet Sauvignon Be At Risk From Climate Change

Experts found 2°C warming may end 56 per cent of current wine growing areas


Mon, 27 Jan 2020

English Sparkling Wines Challenge The Supremacy Of Champagne France Thanks To Climate Change

As average temperatures rise and extreme weather events become more common, vintners are forced t...

Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Nearly 100000 Gallons Of Red Wine Spill Into Los Angelesarea River After Tank At Vineyard Springs

Sonoma Valley winery is trying to assess damages and protect local waterways after one of its mix...

Thu, 23 Jan 2020

Wineries Shipped More Than 32 Billion Worth Of Wine Directly To Consumers In 2019

Wineries shipped more than $3.2 billion worth of wine directly to consumers in 2019, according to...

Wed, 22 Jan 2020

To Kalon Battle Rages On Constellation Files New Suit

Constellation Brands and Napa-based The Vineyard House (TVH) have been duking it out over the "To...

Tue, 21 Jan 2020

Trump And Macron Agree To Trade Truce And Avoid Massive Tariffs On French Wine For Now

Washington CNN - President Donald Trump and his French counterpart have agreed to hold off on esc...

Mon, 20 Jan 2020

Enofusion Conference Concludes In Madrid

Madrid’s 10th edition of Enofusión concluded last Wednesday with a first-ever tastin...

Sat, 18 Jan 2020

No 100 Tariffs On European Wines Wont Be Good For California Wineries

I am writing to you to argue against the proposed 100% tariffs on European wines. As a partner in...

Thu, 16 Jan 2020

America Drank Less Wine In 2019 Here Is What You Sipped Instead

While wine drinking is on the decline, Americans are still spending more overall on alcohol.

Tue, 14 Jan 2020

America Drank Less Wine For First Time In 25 Years

America's love affair with wine is waning.

Americans bought less wine last year, the f...

Mon, 13 Jan 2020

Australian Government Wages Wine War With E U Bureaucrats Who Want Us To Stop Describing Bubbly

The Australian government is waging war with European bureaucrats who want us to stop describing ...

Sat, 11 Jan 2020

How Hungary Produced The Worlds Most Expensive Wine

CNN — There's no denying that good wine comes with a price, but $40,000 seems rather steep....

Thu, 09 Jan 2020

Constellation Brands Jumps After Boosting Profit Forecast

Bloomberg -- Constellation Brands Inc. rose the most in six months after posting profit and sales...

Wed, 08 Jan 2020

Fires Damage Australian Grapes

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