Why Is Red Wine The Healthy One? A Doctor Debunks This Popular Myth.

Posted: Mar 01, 2022


, red wine vacillates between health food and vice. So let’s get to the bottom once and for all: Is red wine good for you? And if so, what makes red wine in particular so special?

Dr. Tim Naimi, director of the University of Victoria’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, breaks down the popular belief that when it comes to wine, red is healthier than white.


Much of the buzz about the health benefits of red wine come from the drink’s antioxidants, which are called polyphenols. Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties, which is one presumed benefit. There’s one specific type of polyphenol in red wine called resveratrol. This is the compound that’s popularly pointed to as the “heart-healthy” antioxidant, and it comes from red grape skins. White wine contains no resveratrol, and rosé wines contain lower levels than red.

Still, Naimi says there isn’t enough resveratrol in the amounts of red wine people drink for it to have any noticeable health benefit.

“If people wanted to get any benefits, they could just take pills,” he says. “I think the amount available in wine is probably not enough.”

By Elana Spivack
Source and Complete Article: inverse.com
February 26, 2022

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