Be Careful When Ordering These 10 Spicy Street Foods Around The World

Posted: Dec 17, 2020

A sensory experience as well as a window into a region’s culture and heritage, sampling street food is one of the most exciting ways to truly get a feel for a city. From the colorful stalls of Mumbai to the steamy evening hawkers of Taiwan, there are a host of bucket list street food markets for traveling foodies. But do your research first, as you may stumble across a fiery delicacy or two that you really weren’t prepared for…

1. Malatang
Where: China

China has a few usual suspects when it comes to street food (dumplings, ramen) but if you come across malatang, prepare for the heat to be turned up to 11. Heavy on Sichuan peppercorns and dried chilies, this dish translates to “spicy, numbing soup.” This one isn’t for the meek.

If you find yourself in Chongqing or indeed anywhere in Sichuan Province, then keep an eye out for these bubbling hotpots.

2. Tom Yum Soup
Where: Thailand

While this sour and spicy Thai soup might be a staple across the country, there are many ways of creating it, and one traditional way includes throwing in the fiery bird’s eye chili. Registering on the business end of the Scoville Scale (a measurement of spice), this chili takes the soup to another level of heat.

3. Chicken 65
Where: India

A number of stories abound about where chicken 65 gets its unusual name from. Reasons include everything from it being invented in 1965 to it using 65-day-old chickens to a chef once adding 65 chilies to the recipe. That last theory leads to the thought that if you could get through a plate of chicken 65, it would be an unmistakably good reflection on how tough you were.

The main thing to know though, should you come across this in the streets of Chennai, is that this super spicy deep-fried chicken does not hold back on the heat.

By James March
December 14, 2020

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