Anton Maletich

Posted: Jan 01, 2017

Anton Maletich's pedigree was founded in his childhood interest in cooking and the culinary world. He watched while his mother made the gravy, his grandmother make the palacinka and his grandfather prepared the lamb for the spit, and by his 19th birthday he was perfecting “old school” bartending skills taught to him by his father.

"I was there, observing, listening, soaking it all up, and that’s what beget my journey into the world of Cuisine and Hospitality", says Anton.

His life experience includes working with the Ritz Carlton in Chicago and as Director of Operations and creator of Spanish Wine programs for Emilio Gervilla, "The Leader of the Tapas Movement in Chicago". Most recently The Wine Spectator has honored Anton’s work at Suzette’s Creperie in Wheaton, Illinois. Under his vision, the wine list has earned the prestigious Wine Spectator Award Of Excellence for five consecutive years.

"As a Sommelier and Wine Director I've strived to create an unpretentious and friendly atmosphere at the table. My object is to make wine knowledge and its service proper, yet unstuffy and approachable." Each year he teaches a highly regarded comprehensive curriculum on wine, service, and gastronomy. He has a particular passion for the wine and culture of Croatia.

Through the years he has been an enthusiastic gardener, growing many of his own organic fruits and vegetables. It has been a rewarding experience and he has made a connection with the earth that rewards him not only with a bounty for the table, but also a raison d'etre. He loves sharing the dishes, techniques and lore that he has accumulated over the years with his guests and students.

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About Anton Maletic Education Services


  • Professional Development Topics include but not limited to:
    • Exceptional curriculum on food and wine for professionals and consumers
    • Wine, Beer, and Spirits Education
    • Effective and efficient service techniques for the restaurant professional
    • Selling techniques and consumer engagement
    • Consumer focused education on Wine Geography and Gastronomy

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