Winery: Cape Cod Winery

Posted: Aug 05, 2017

Caoe Cod

While on a family trip to Cape Cod, my husband and I decided to take my father to the Cape Cod Winery in Falmouth, MA. We were unaware that the sandy soil of Cape Cod would be suitable for growing grapes, but were pleasantly surprised by this rustic and lovely winery, and its variety of wines.

The owner mentioned that she had just moved locations, so the tasting area was still in progress. It did not appear to be unfinished in any way. A beautiful white canopy, set on rustic wooden poles, houses wooden tables for tasting.

We sample five wines and enjoyed a scrumptious cheese and cracker plate, with a wonderful cranberry jam. Friendly faces described the wines to us, and also talked about the wines we were not sampling, particularly the fruit infused wine.

This winery is well known for a unique cranberry wine that I have tasted in the past and can vouch for as being delicious! If you fid yourself on Cape Cod, definitely visit the Cape Cod winery for an excellent tasting experience.

4 Oxbow Road - East Falmouth, MA 02536

Cape Cod Winery

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