U.s. Wine Is A Mess, Here's How To Fix It

Posted: Apr 05, 2021

Almost all of the food you buy has ingredients listed on the label. Wine, regulated by the Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) instead of the Food and Drug Administration, is an exception.

In an ideal world, the ingredients might look like this: yeast, fermented grapes, sulfur. However, it might also include things like grape juice concentrate, powdered tannin, diammonium phosphate, gum arabic or any in a long list of approved additives.

Some are used to clarify the wine or, in many cases, to improve its quality. However, this means we really have little idea of what’s actually inside. Winemakers that try to do things the old fashioned way have to compete against the mad scientists.

There are arguments against ingredient lists on wine labels. We will ignore them all here.

Consumers have largely become desensitized to labels on things like Doritos (disodium guanylate, anyone?) and other items. They will now be able to choose whether to do so on their wine labels, too.

Cork taint, most commonly caused by trichloroanisole (TCA), has long been a scourge on the wine industry. No more.

From now on, all wines will be required to use closures that are certified free from cork taint. Plenty of these options, like screwcaps and composite corks, have existed for years. Recently, some cork companies have introduced processes to remove TCA and other contaminants from natural cork closures. They are also able to individually test corks.

Source and complete article by: winemag.com

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