The Wine Thief Group Is Leading The Charge In Our New Virtual And High Tech Wine World

Posted: May 25, 2020

On May 23rd at 7 PM Meghan Sellers of the Wine Thief in Frankfort, Illinois welcomed winemaker Andrew Willson from Goose Ridge Winery that makes Cascadian Outfitters Wines of Columbia Valley. In addition, our host welcomed Bill Hanson, National VP Sales, from Canned Oregon. This tasting featured delicious wines which in our opinion are the closest thing to getting a wine directly from the wineries fermenters. Could these be some of the freshest and highest quality wines available? 

Bill Hanson led the charge broadcasting from his porch overlooking the beautiful vineyards in Oregon. All of us participating in the event had an amazing moment as he walked us into the vineyard and showed us the buds on the vine! Oregon is known for its high-quality pinot gris and world-class pinot noir. The zoomers in the tasting room had positive reactions to the Bill's wines all the way around.  Bill dispelled many of the myths about canned wine quickly. Authentic Pinot Gris? Check. Refreshing Pinot Noir? Absolutely.

Exploring with Canned Oregon

Andrew Wilson Winemaker at Goose Ridge followed with an exceptional presentation of his Cascadian Outfitters selections. One of the most striking characteristics of Andrew's wine is that the grapes are all of estate origin. These included a slightly effervescent Rosé based on one of Washington States classic grapes, Syrah. Another classic, an unoaked crisp Columbia Valley Chardonnay and Valerie Thelen, The Wine Thief Group's proprietor's favorite, The Red Blend; made from a distinguished blend of  C. Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot.

The subject of canned wine drew many questions from the Zoom audience.
An interesting question came up regarding the amount of wine in a can and how to best store it. According to attendee Mike Cairo of Pure Wine, there are now toppers you can place on your reopened cans! Other interesting facts about cans Bill, Andrew and Mike revealed included that fact that:

Wine cans:
1. Are about half an inch taller than normal cans.
2. coated in their interior due to the fact that wine acids have unique properties.
3. contain 375 ml of wine. This is the equivalent of half a bottle of wine.
4. have about a year-long shelf life when unopened.
5. fit better in your fridge. For your strategic winedrinkers.
6. may carry a bit extra CO2.
7. are exceptional when served chilled.

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The Wine Line Up

  • Canned Oregon - Pinot Gris 

  • Canned Oregon - Pinot Noir 

  • Cascadian Outfitters - Rosé

  • Cascadian Outfitters - Chardonnay 

  • Cascadian Outfitters - Red Blend 

Cascadian Outfitters Individual Selections Available Online

Canned Oregon: Individual Selections Available Online

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