Digital Marketing, Sales, And Social Media In The Age Of Covid-19

Posted: May 19, 2020

To the Wine, Spirits and Beer community:

We wish you continued health and safety. Our company is here to offer solutions during this difficult time. 

Recently, we received some Q/A on how we may help you succeed in the digital world, and how we are synergistic with other platforms. Here are our observations. 

We are here to support your brands and customers to help them navigate the world’s new reality. 

Here are our answers for your review. We would be honored to receive your feedback. 

Q and A Digital and Social marketing and sales

Q. Are other digital platforms  competitors or collaborators with what you do? Our platforms can work synergistically. Each one has a different approach to growing connections to brands, consumers, and retailers.

Q. Are there ways you complement or amplify other digital environments or offer different but equally valuable services? We enhance other platform by connecting to more engagement channels.

Q. How would you compare bang-for-buck? We are much more cost-effective due to our smaller infrastructure. We can easily ramp up to scale with our development team. 

Q. I would appreciate any perspective you are willing to share about the social media market generally today, the role/importance of other digital solutions, and the role you envision for Other digital platforms bring the capabilities of geotagging to the retailer, label sharing, ratings etc. however, our new retail reality is providing minimal foot traffic. This breaks some existing strategies in many ways. works with active campaigns across a digital content platform driving consumers eyes to the multiple points of fulfillment for a brand (retail, wine clubs, country clubs, and restaurants. We help grow sales in both the food and beverage channel. Now that there is no foot traffic, we provide eye traffic focusing on down to your brand and SKU.  

Q: The social media market is now guiding the market place more than ever. Why? 

  1. The consumer that is properly engaged today on digital platforms, is more likely to share their preferred digital platform with their immediate social network. E.g., “There are virtual tastings, and then there are virtual tastings. 
  2. Participants in virtual events are the new newscasters. They post to their social networks before, during, and after their events. This is a key element of user engagement.
  3. Social networking is allowing for stealth selling. As big advertising budgets are reduced or eliminated, brands and retailers need to create ambassador networks from their social networks to establish a loyal base of consumers within an affordable budget. 
  4. Quality content marketing in the social network environment is business-critical for driving sales. A strong digital platform must have multiple handoff points to connect content to points of purchase.
  5. Mobile platforms with great user experience, user interfaces, etc. are more likely to be shared socially by users.
  6. Quality social and digital platforms need to limit consumer decisions. Consumers are interested in making quick decisions from the palm of their hands.
  7. Retailers in any channel need to be reached by brands in a unique way. Brands can no longer simply sell products to their customer base. They need to offer business solutions. 
  8. Corporate social responsibility needs to be enhanced through social channels. Continued enjoyment of our products needs to be promoted responsibly. There are many new behaviors developing as a result of social isolation and social distancing. We need to keep a close eye on this. 

Thank you in advance for reviewing this important document. We are here to serve you. 

May 19, 2020

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