Using N M R For Brand Protection And Ensuring Supply Chain Integrity Of Wine

Posted: May 11, 2020

There is increasing global demand to establish the authenticity of food products by demonstrating an unbroken supply chain from the source through to the final consumers.

Assuring authenticity and integrity of wines protects the brand of a wine manufacturer or distributor, along with reputations of wine regions or appellations for winegrowers and associations.

With the advent of new tools such as NMR, the gap in supply chains can be filled in to complete the chain of authenticity.

By working directly with growers and producers in the US wine industry, ETS and Bruker have engaged in a collaboration to build the database of American wines for origin and grape variety of US wines.

Webinar Date May 27, 2020


In this webinar, Gordon Burns, President of ETS Laboratories, will begin by introducing the application of Proton NMR, a direct and highly reproducible technique for wine analysis.

The spectra, or digital signature, contains hundreds of signals that provide information about the composition of wine. The spectra combined with statistics allows the creation of robust databases, providing a reference for the contents, varietal, and region of production of wine.

Verification creates trust: Gordon will also explain how the Wine-Profiling 4.0 method is used in a daily routine to test wines and safeguard their value.

NMR helps address the demand from global wine consumers for reassurance of the origin and integrity of what they buy. The consumer’s appetite for proof extends from the vineyard throughout the supply chain to the point of sale.

What to expect

Attendees can expect a brief history of ETS and their collaboration with Bruker. How the NMR as a technique provides value for the wine industry for addressing the needs for brand protection and supply chain integrity.

Gordon Burns will explain how ETS is using NMR and the Wine-Profiling 4.0 application to track and authenticate wines, as they travel from the vineyard, through the global supply chain and all the way to the consumer’s glass.

Key topics

Introducing NMR, a powerful technique for wine analysis and its advantages over other techniques
An introduction to ETS and their collaboration with Bruker
How ETS is using NMR and the Wine-Profiling 4.0 method in a daily routine for checking composition and authenticity of wine, in particular for the verification of the country of origin, region, appellations, and grape variety.
The importance of NMR for brand protection and securing supply chain integrity

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May 11, 2020

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