Solutions Not Problems. Creating Solutions For Your Business Opportunities?

Posted: Mar 09, 2020

Our Current Reality:

Excess of wine in the global marketplace.

Hospitality, social and business travel, convention, sectors in dramatic decline. 

Brick and mortar foot traffic under extreme negative influence.

The 2020 calendar year for the wine marketplace started with a nearly perfect storm. Tariffs are impacting the import/export market substantially; generational preferences are shifting; and Cannabis and alternative beverage market are placing pressure on wine demand in a unique way. These pressures are all placing downward pressure on wine price and demand. What else could go wrong?

No one could have predicted how a previously unknown virus would turn the world on its head. COVID-19 has redirected the world’s attention in a nearly instantaneous manner.

If anyone needed  proof of the importance of the leisure and business travel sector on the economy, behold the truth behind “OZ”  has been revealed. At the time of the writing of this article Northern Italy has quarantined 16 million; the key transportation sectors are lowering their inventory; conventions and sporting events are cancelled. Enough said.

We know the condition of the market is fragile and the forecasts are tough. What to do?

A man somewhere in the world of hospitality once said to me, “Here: We don’t have problems, only situations.”

Our current situation is creating a call to action for different solutions

Below are some suggested cost models for you to consider. (Quoted costs are approximations)

Table 1: Basic Physical vs. Virtual Travel Expenses per persons



Physical Travel/day*

Virtual Travel/day**












(fast casual)

Internet Connection cost/Participant


Based on 200.00 monthly internet costs.




*Round trip air travel.

** E-conferences and seminars.
*** Excluding taxes and one time airfare.

Table 2: Physical vs. Direct to Consumer Sales 


Physical Retail Sales

Direct to Consumer

Rent | Web Services Value

Average may be much higher

4-8k annually*



Included in Web Service

Inventory Basic


On-Demand: Potentially Real Time or in shared warehouse

Internet Connection cost/individual


Hosting  costs covered by DTC

*Our platform: Four feature products on a simple platform. Mobile first selling 24/7 with appropriate
digital support and content marketing and social media campaigns.

The comparative results above are staggering.

In this time of tremendous uncertainty, Digital Solutions in both the sales and client engagement environment when implemented properly, offer important solutions to boost your bottom line in 2020 and beyond. Humanity in and its family of brands and are poised to support your business as we pivot through these challenging times.

By Team
March 9, 2020
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