Why Champagne Is A Dietitian Holiday Drink Of Choice

Posted: Dec 25, 2019

I have one party trick, and it’s that I can saber a bottle of champagne. I learned how to do it a couple of years ago on a Facebook Live segment for the lifestyle site I was working for at the time, and ever since have liked to mention it on any possible occasion. Well, it looks like this year I’m about to saber a lot of bottles this year, because according to registered dietitian and You Versus Food host Tracey Lockwood Beckerman, RD, the health benefits of champagne make it the best choice to sip on this holiday season.

Obviously champagne is a type of wine, and thus offers similar heart health benefits. But Beckerman says that champagne’s carbonation promotes slow imbibing, meaning you will consume less alcohol and absorb alcohol into your bloodstream at a slower rate. “This is better for your health, since too much alcohol in your bloodstream at once can be dangerous,” Beckerman says. (For health reasons and also for sending texts you shouldn’t reasons.)

However, it’s important to note that alcohol, regardless of what kind you choose, should be consumed in moderation. “Drinking more than the suggested amount of one glass of wine a day can lead to liver damage, kidney damage, and a slew of other issues,” Beckerman says.

By Allie Flinn
December 24, 2019
Source and complete article: Wellandgood.com

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