What Is U X, U I, S E O And How Is It Bringing People To Great Beer Events?

Posted: Aug 08, 2019

The minimum requirement to having a great business these days is to have a digital presence that brings you front in center to your target audience. Acronyms such as UI, UX, and SEO are concepts a business/brand owner must master in order to be competitive in the market place. Best Beer Festivals.com and Go-Wine.com gets high marks on all three concepts.

UI: User Interface

According to Webdesignerdepot.com a quality site must present at minimum the following 7 characteristics:

1) Simplicity
2) Clarity
3) Consistency
4) Familiarity
5) Visual Hierarchy
6) Efficiency
7) Responsiveness

Best Beer Festivals.com  and Go-Wine.com get high marks on all these points as you land on the pages load almost instantaneously, you intuitively know where to navigate, and the sites are free from the distractions so many sites struggle with.

UX: User Experience

According to Corp.designstudio.com 

"User experience involves coordination with UI, market research, content strategy, site architecture, testing, execution, and analytics. The role of a UX designer requires digital marketing, web development, and project management skills. Essentially, UX involves everything related to how site visitors engage your brand online."  

The key element that a great user experience provides is the ability to engage your audience. Elements I enjoyed from Bestbeerfestivals.com and Go-wine.com include excellent layout, architecture, and a clear understanding of who the target audience is. Both sites maintain a fun approach for the audience while getting the user to their end goal in a clear and concise manner.

Both sites are free of flying banners, and the content strategies provide the user a clear path to content, events or points of purchase.

Lastly and certainly not the least, the  all encompassing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy clearly makes these sites rise with other world class web environments. SEO is a broad concept. It is the set of constantly updated rules which bring your site to prominence above others. We all want to be on the first page of a search engine. An anonymous source said, "Want to know the best place to hide a treasure? On the second page of Google." The majority of leads obtained for business are found on page one of a. 

Companies spend an enormous amount of capital and time to get these top positions hoping to control lead generation.

Here is where it gets tricky. Search Engine Optimization requires someone who can conduct a deep analysis of the threats and opportunities a site is presented with when being well positioned on search. That said, the rules are very straight forward and simply require understanding how to apply them to your web platform. Beware of the so-called SEO experts who are prepared to get you in first position for 10k's of dollars or more. 

A review of Bestbeerfestivals.com and Go-wine.com revealed the following: There is extraordinary attention to SEO. Pictures are optimized, site hierarchies, are maintained, speed and a mobile first strategy is maintained. 

Searches for various categories pertaining to the subjects pertaining to Bestbeerfestivals.com and Go-wine.com landed these pages squarely in top ranking position. This translates into a higher possibility for clients to want to use these platforms to advertise their goods or services.

We hope this brief summary makes the case for you to create world class UI, UX, and SEO on your web platform.

August 9, 2019

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