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Posted: Jan 01, 2018

Today’s strategy for branding wine and wine related products has evolved dramatically. Augmented reality, 2 hour (robotic) delivery, direct to consumer sales, block chain verification, social media, content marketing and more 

In the past, a winery could market its brand or brands by buying advertising through the traditional print, radio or TV channels. These channels generally remains, the most expensive proposition.

A winery could use their tasting room or wine club and invite the public to taste its products and, maybe sell them a bottle or two. The winery could host wine dinners or seminars at local restaurants and, maybe sell some product to the attendees. All these are valid means of spreading the word about a winery’s brand and products. All these endeavors, involve big expenditures with a potentially small return on investment.

What if consumers, the trade, and the aficionados had a central repository of information for every topic on Food and Beverage possible? What if you had a place to bring your consumers to a point of purchase or to market your events? This is Go-Wine's Mission to maximize engagement to your brand anywhere on earth.

GO-WINE.Com the portal for wine knowledge, and education has changed the world of wine marketing. It connects the virtual experience to the tangible. We are the Omnichannel.

Savy brand managers are taking advantage of social media to spread the word about their brand and products. Consumer engagement and decision making is largely guided by Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media. They have a global multiplying effect. Social media in its greatest application grows consumer intelligence. Go-wine engages your consumer's loyalty through intelligence which makes them want more of your product. Tweet from "Go" and the flock follows you to your point of purchase. One carefully crafted message evolves into the number of quality impressions you need to project your brand's power. 

Quality impressions by definition create the maximum opportunity for sales conversion. Our technology, user experience, and efficiency effectively blurs the marketing and sales line. You are effectively closing the sale as you market.

The multiplier effect of social media and digital engagement is daunting. Go-Wine's technology provides the marketer a platform which allows them to campaign everyday across multiple engagement channels and social media. Go-Wine provides you with the tools to drive your brand in one carefully designed location.

The quality of the information provided on the Go platform make it interesting and informative. People will begin to look forward to your social media posts and, they will pass them along and along and along… you get the idea. Before long, your followers will multiply like digital rabbits. 

You can do this yourself or, you can hire the "digital multiplier Go-Wine.com,” a skilled expert in the realm of all things relating to the new world of brand marketing. 

Go-Wine is at your service. You will benefit from high cost efficiencies, (compared with the traditional methodology of public relations and advertising), 24/7 consumer reach, tangible ROI that can be directly connected to your digital marketing initiatives, full customizability for your DTC sales and more. 

Traditional marketing has evolved. Go-Wine is the disruptive technology leading the way.

By Robert Scott at Go-Wine.Com and the Go-Wine.com editorial team.

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