Fear Has No Place In Your Success Equation

Posted: Aug 15, 2018

Recently our chief marketing and sales officer Luis Torres attended a Global Leadership Summit in Barrington, Illinois.

There were so many great elements provided by the distinguished faculty that resonated with him. In the following article, he will highlight the Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, Carla Harris', tremendous insight on leadership. He feels these insights will help you lead effectively and most of all make your team the successful drivers of your organization.

At the end of his summary he will include the top insights and philosophies from a handful of the faculty. Expect a part 2 to this summary.

Carla Harris

Don't just survive...Thrive.

In her presentation at the Global Leadership Summit, Ms. Harris unpacked the meaning of the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R. Carla has endured many challenges during her journey to becoming a global influence in finance and music.

L: Leverage

There is no monopoly on intelligence. Many are intimidated by the so-called "super brains" or experts in this or that field. The truth is that your ideas are every bit as powerful. The key however to getting results is in your ability to gain opportunities through your relationships and honing your skill set. 

E: Efficiency

To have efficiency you need to have definition of what success looks like. A mistake may very well be your greatest success. Celebrate mistakes. When it doesn't work this time around it informs you how to perform more effectively on your next try.

A: Authenticity

No body can be you the way you can be you. There are so many facets in who you are. You need to bring all of them to your business not just your business persona. You never know when the athlete, musician, writer, or artist in you will differentiate you from the other "vanilla" pitches out there. Your other facets are just as important in helping you acheive the sale.

D: Decisiveness

The price of innaction is greater than making the mistake.

E: Engagement

People are motivated by money, a platform or through the "attaboy." The latter of the three motivations is transformative. Teams who are led through encouragement and transparency are transcendent.

R: Risks

Take risks. Thanks to technology and the internet, information is a commodity. Everyone can find out anything about anything or anyone. Fear has no place in your success equation.

Thank you Ms. Harris.

The distinguished faculty provided more key insights, here are some of those insights from a handful of the leaders at the summit. (Their twitter links are connected to their names).

Craig Groeschel

When the leader gets better everyone gets better.

To lead is to influence through trust not to be the boss.

Become the leader that everyone wants to follow because of your influence not because of your popularity.

Passion transforms a job into a calling.

Empower don't command and control.

Angela Ahrendts

Always live core values. When you have core values you always become more valuable to others.

Great leaders are the great listeners.

Our job as great leaders is to keep pace with everything around us.

Quoting Steve Jobs: "You are not allowed to sell widgets, you are here to enrich lives through education."

When you hire people are they yesterday, today or tomorrow people? The most successful hires are those who are tomorrow people the ones willing to evolve.

Motivating: You can teach people anything but you can't teach them to care.

Juliet Funt

Simplification is key to success

Nobody Changes Until somebody Changes so...Nobody Changes.

If you don't speak up when something is potentially wrong then it will be 50% your fault when it all goes wrong.

Control: The more fingers there are in everything, the slower things go. Hands off.

T.D. Jakes

To believe you can do what others are laughing at is what creates the ability to soar.

Strive Masiyiwa

Go to where there is need and your business will grow.

Respect other cultures, respect women, invest in the youth as they are the foundation of the success of all cultures.

Danny Meyer

Do you know how long you will be dead? Make the decisions that matter in life. After you are gone, some one else will be making those choices.

You are the skipper, but the team drives the ship.

The shelf life of innovation is 2 minutes.

Erwin McManus

Everyone needs permission to get started, but no one needs permission to quit.

Freedom is on the other side of fear.

Your greatness is on the other side of your pain.

Thank you to all the faculty at the GLS2018.

Summary by Luis Torres CMO/CSO at Go-Wine.com and Winebusinessacademy.com

Luis' organizations are dedicated to providing the best in class business solutions to the food and beverage (manufacturing/service) industries. If you would like to benefit from Go-Wine or Wine Business Academy's suite of services and technology solutions, please contact us here.

Photos in order of appearance from nine o'clock going clockwise: T.D. Jakes, Erwin Mcmanus, Angela Ahrendts, Danny Meyer, Carol Harris, Juliet Funt, Craig Groeshel, and Strive Masiyiwa

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