Sushi Maki: At 4:00 Am Stuart And Richard Are Preparing Your Sushi

Posted: Sep 21, 2017

The great worldwide culinary movement is going strong. Thanks to the internet, air travel, and our ever powerful handheld devices. Cuisine such as Colombian Empanadas, Korean Kimchi, Indian Vindaloo, Jamaican Ackee, Sushi and more are now a greater part of our daily vocabulary.

This morning, en route to Chicago, I found myself at one of the world’s busiest airports, Miami International. At 10:30 AM, I walked the long American Airlines concourse on the way to my gate. The walkways were peppered with authentic dining opportunities from every corner of the globe.

What could I eat before my 12:15 PM departure? Cuban, classic hotdogs, small plates served with fine wine from a Cruvinet perhaps? Whatever it was to be, it needed to be quick. Boarding time was 11:40 AM and I was 28 gates away.

On my way to the gate I noticed a sushi restaurant on my right. I approached and asked the host for the time. “It is 10:50 AM,” she said. “Would I have time to eat based on my boarding time?” I asked. “Definitely.” she said.

In the US, good sushi is relatively easy to find. Walmart for example has one of the largest number of Sushi outlets in America.

The problem for most consumers is finding great sushi and a great sushi experience.

The host promptly sat me at my favorite place, the sushi bar. The sashimi looked fresh and was well presented.

The server quickly greeted me, offering Sake and other beverages. After some quick questions my order was on its way to the Sushi Chef, Mr. Richard Fong.

They say the centerpiece of a Sushi restaurant is the Chef. He or she has the responsibility of preparing, serving and maintaining the highest quality dishes. However, they are also tasked with providing an exceptional experience by engaging the guest as time permits. (The Great Sushi Experience).

Richard took great care to prepare my excellent meal. He followed my special requests and even teased me by providing a taste of a fish I had never tried before, the Cobia fish.

He expertly managed his time between appropriate conversations about Sashimi, and his home country, China. He even managed to introduce some authentic words from his native Mandarin language and Japan.

His willingness to bring the culture of sushi to his flair for preparation provided me with the most important part of my visit. He provided me with the Great Sushi experience. I wasn’t just eating, I was immersed in the culture of the cuisine.

I prepared to leave, paid the check and asked to speak to the manager. He promptly introduced himself. Stuart was his name. I told him about Go-Wine.Com, and about the incredible experience I had had. This is when I found out that Sushi preparation at Sushi Maki began at 4:00 AM. “From 5:00 AM on you can have our specialty selections,” he said.

I was truly humbled by Chef Fong’s and Stuart’s commitment. They are a diamond in the hospitality and culinary movement serving travelers from around the world. It all begins at four in the morning. Well done. Excellent.

By Luis Torres CMO/CSO
Go-Wine.Com |

September 21, 2017

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