Should You Put Covid-19 Vaccination Status On Your Resume? Many Hiring Managers Say Yes

Posted: Sep 28, 2021

Job seekers are considering a new addition to their résumés: Covid-19 vaccination status.

As employers make vaccine rules for workers and some limit hiring to the vaccinated, people are starting to volunteer their vaccination status on job applications, in résumés and on their LinkedIn profiles.

David Morgan, chief executive of Snorkel-Mart, an online snorkeling gear wholesaler and retailer, started requiring full vaccination for the company’s 20-plus employees in the spring. He says he favors candidates who are candid about their vaccine status on their résumés because it prevents surprises late in the hiring process.

“It saves us a lot of time and hassle to just clear it out in the résumé phase,” he said. “Candidates must be aware of the fact that the vaccination status holds the same importance as your personal profile nowadays, if not more.”

In an August survey of 1,250 hiring managers, nearly 70% said they were more likely to hire somebody who indicates on their résumé that they have had the shot, according to, which commissioned the poll. A third of hiring managers surveyed said they were automatically eliminating résumés that don’t spell out vaccine status.

Employees and bosses across the country have been adapting to a patchwork of laws and guidelines around vaccination, testing and masking as workplaces reopen more widely. Earlier in September, the Biden administration said all employers with 100 or more workers will have to start requiring that employees be vaccinated or undergo at least weekly Covid-19 testing, creating new pressures for managers and questions for workers.

New data from job-search engine Adzuna shows an uptick in job postings that seek fully vaccinated candidates. In August, more than 50,000 new job postings on the site said Covid-19 vaccination was required, up from 35,000 in July and 2,300 in January. Positions in healthcare, hospitality and catering and information technology were the most likely to require vaccine disclosures.

More job seekers are adding their vaccination status to the top of their professional profiles on LinkedIn, in some cases spelling out “fully vaccinated” before their job titles. Recruiters and career coaches say the practice of sorting résumés based on vaccine status is still new, but that it isn’t a bad idea to include vaccine information on a CV.

“I personally think it can only help,” said Ken Zwerdling, founder of the career coaching firm Global Expansion Inc. “It shows responsibility and safety right off the bat.”

By Patrick Thomas
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