Artificial Intelligence Meets Hospitality

Posted: Mar 09, 2021

Let’s face it, the world is technology centric – there is no going back. As we move past the setbacks of 2020, a new year means new innovations. Enter: the convergence of artificial intelligence and the hospitality industry. A technology born in the 1950’s, AI has finally found its place in our home away from home. It’s about time.

When conducting research, Oracle Hospitality indicated that “89% of hoteliers agree that AI significantly reduces operating costs for consumer support functions.” Leveraging artificial intelligence to support day-to-day operations not only saves time and money, but it also has the ability to increase revenue. In a consumer-facing role, artificial intelligence can support a smaller workforce by taking on the task of customer service (handling guest requests, booking or upselling reservations, ordering food and amenities, etc.). From a logistics point of view, AI can help predict growth, customer behaviors and automate mundane tasks.

Many brands have already begun to include AI in their strategic operating plans, including recognizable portfolios like Hilton and Marriot who deploy robot concierge services. AI is also integrated into systems hoteliers use on a daily basis, but might not be aware of, like automated telephone answering systems or customized mobile apps. But what does this mean for hoteliers who haven’t taken the leap yet? Or those who want the benefits of AI without the loss of personal connection? The answer lies in striking a balance between artificial intelligence and human interaction, while also upholding the integrity of guest data and privacy. Finding the right balance also means avoiding implementation of multiple solutions at one time.

All in all, while artificial intelligence is a world with endless possibilities, it comes in various shapes and sizes readily available to support innovation in Hospitality. There is no better time than now to take action. The future is endless – it’s time to explore!

By Cara Federici
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