What Is Armagnac? Exploring Cognacís Older Cousin

Posted: Aug 07, 2020

If you’ve never tasted brandy because you’re under the notion that it’s only something old people drink, then think about it this way: It’s a fruitier, typically sweeter, whiskey. Brandy, a spirit distilled from fermented fruit juice — most commonly grapes — is an umbrella term for an entire category of spirits, and one of them is Armagnac. It’s rich, it’s bold, it’s unadulterated, and it’s begging to be loved like it’s cousin, Cognac, has been.

“Essentially, Cognac is more like Tequila, and Armagnac is more like mezcal in the way it’s produced,” says Nicolas Palazzi, owner of importer and distributor, PM Spirits, “but not in flavor [although it can occasionally share similar notes with the agave spirit].” Armagnac is a bit more artisanal in nature, and every producer creates a product to their own proof and style making it a fan favorite for spirit nerds.

Armagnac sells about 4 million bottles a year whereas Cognac sells over 200 million. It’s a significant discrepancy, of course, but Cognac’s proximity to the coast made it easily accessible for export and gave it a leg up on Armagnac which is located more inland.

This French brandy may not be as recognizable as its northern neighbor, but its artisanal nature and affordability make it one worth tasting and learning more about.

By Tyler Zielinski
August 5, 2020
Source and complete article: www.themanual.com

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