Carlsberg Research Laboratory Behind Beer Research Project Based On Artificial Intelligence

Posted: Nov 08, 2017

Today a multi-million-dollar investment is announced in a research study with the purpose of measuring and sensing flavours and aromas in beer. The research study called ‘The Beer Fingerprinting Project’ was founded on the idea of Jochen Förster from Carlsberg Research Laboratory.
The development of a sensor platform holds enormous potential for broader research and facilitate new start-ups, says Jochen Förster, Director and Professor Yeast Fermentation, Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

“No rapid assays exist today for the determination of ?avour compounds in beverages but it is crucial that we can do this to ensure that the Laboratory continues to develop beer of the highest possible quality and provide a model for brewing in Denmark and the rest of the world.

"We are excited to be part of a team with Aarhus University, The Technical University of Denmark and Microsoft and push the boundaries in sensor technology for ?avour determination. This will enable us to select and develop novel brewer’s yeast for application in craft, specialty, core and alcohol-free beers at much higher speed and even better quality”, says Jochen Förster.

A research match-making event at Carlsberg sparked the idea of a joint project between Carlsberg Research Laboratory and iNano at Aarhus University.

DTU Chemical Engineering brings expertise within reactor parallelization and integration as well as data processing to the project.

Microsoft delivers the most advanced services and software within the area of arti?cial intelligence to support the project, and Innovation Fund Denmark is behind a financial investment. The aim is now to validate and mature the technology and make it applicable for high throughput screening of novel brewing organisms.

"This research study puts advanced analytics and intelligent cloud technology as a corner stone of the project and combines expertise within several fields of research. We are excited to see the project unfold and determine how it will impact faster go to market processes for Carlsberg”, says Ricky Gangsted-Rasmussen, Industry Lead - Retail, Microsoft Danmark.

Today, no such rapid technology for discrimination of complex flavour mixtures exists. Developing methods for fast and reliable assessment of ?avours in complex mixtures such as in beer or other alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages are of interest for product development, quality control and safety. Researchers from iNano Aarhus University have already developed a solution to use novel sensors and proof-of-principle to differentiate between four Carlsberg beers, Carlsberg Pilsner, Tuborg Pilsner, Wiibroe and Nordic, as part of the project. The outcome of this project will not only strengthen the Danish position in the world beer market represented by Carlsberg but is also expected to lead to new start-ups as the technology can be used for other industries than beverages such as the environmental-, pharma- and food industry.

By Kasper Elbjørn
November 7, 2017

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