Mcdonalds Is Testing A Vegan Burger. Some Customers Are Calling It The "best Vegetarian Burger"

Posted: Oct 07, 2017

Naturally, McDonalds, one of the few places open post-midnight, isn't the best place for vegetarians and an absolute nightmare for vegans. Those who have adopted a meat-free diet are normally restricted to a stripped-back menu of salads, carrot sticks, hash browns and french fries.

But this week, the international fast food chain has launched a brand new plant-based burger!

According to their website, "McDonald's French Fries are officially accredited by the Vegetarian Society"
(Photo: Free Stocksvia Pexels CC)

Their McVegan burger is made up of a soy patty nestled within a dairy-free bun with McFeast sauce, 'bacon' and all the standard fillings (tomatoes, lettuce and pickles). It went on sale this Thursday as part of a trial run in a restaurant in Tampere, Finland – and will remain in place until the end of November.

At the end of this test period, the fast-food chain will evaluate its performance and make a decision on its future. If successful, it could be rolled out around the world.

Christoffer Rönnblad, Marketing Director of McDonald's in Finland, claims the response so far has been promising. He said:

"The feedback that we have quickly received, and what reception has been online yesterday and already the other day, it has been quite positive. We are going to be positive in this test."

Rönnblad has also confirmed that the brand will continue to pursue a meat-free menu in the future, no matter what the outcome.

"The vegan hamburger required extensive in-house product development," he told Plant Based News, explaining how the vegan 'steak' is one of their first "soy-based" products. "We were really passionate about finding an [immitation] steak that tastes really good."

While most herbivores will continue not to support McDonald's, the launch of the McVegan burger still shows how far veganism has come.

As Nat Wallis from Veggie Athletic explains: "Having a vegan option in one of the biggest chains in the world makes it easier for those moving towards a vegan lifestyle. It's important the local Finnish people support the burger so it can expand to the rest of the world."

By Kate Taylor
October 6, 2017

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