People Are Ripping Apart Mcdonald's Latest Attempt To Win Over Millennials

Posted: Aug 07, 2017

Source: Mcdonald'

Forward by Menu engineering is a business critical tool for food and beverage operations. In McDonald's recent menu engineering experiment, the millenial market is at stake. This article from the Business Insider reveals the advantages and pitfalls of introduction new menu concepts to grow your market share.

As McDonald's tries to capture the attention of new and lapsed customers, it has turned to some familiar millennial bait: sriracha.

In July, the fast-food chain added a sriracha and kale burger to the menu for a limited time. And in August, it began serving Sriracha Mac Sauce in packets perfect for nugget dunking.

While sriracha has long been associated with restaurants trying to stay on trend, this time it looks like not everyone is willing to bite.

The first sign something was wrong in sriracha paradise was the response to an Inc. article with the headline "McDonald's Just Rolled Out Radical New Burgers With Millennials' Favorite Ingredient."

On Twitter, people were quick to say that sriracha was not millennials' favorite ingredient. Instead, the generation was craving something else — universal healthcare, possibly, or maybe just some Adderall.

A second strike against the sriracha burger came this week in a brutal Washington Post review.

"The sriracha-and-kale combo smacks of desperation," Tim Carman wrote. "It reeks of a corporate attempt to capitalize on two of the biggest food trends of the past decade (although far after each has peaked). It's the fast-food equivalent of watching your Dad sport rompers and pledge his undying love for Drake.

Ultimately, Carman finds the premise of the burger to be more offensive than the actual sriracha, which he says is fine, especially on the crispy chicken breast. (The kale is another story — too tough to make any sort of positive contribution to the burger.)

Carman's response and the Twitter backlash to Inc.'s tweet reveal an inherent truth in fast food in 2017: Nothing is wrong with adding new menu items, as long as chains don't try to be cool while doing so.

In fact, many people are enthused about McDonald's serving sriracha.

Something that makes McDonald's burgers and nuggets taste better is all the chain needs — not an awkward attempt to appeal to millennials.

By Kate Taylor
August 4, 2017
Source: Business Insider

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