How To Sell Eco Friendly Beverage Alcohol Products

Posted: Jan 16, 2017

Quick Sales Tips

What are the key things to remember in order to successfully develop and market a sustainable beverage line in your operation? Here are some main takeaways:

Know your products. Remember, there are major differences among products touted as “organic,” “biodynamic” and “sustainable.” Make sure that you and your staff understand the differences when selecting which products to carry, and when articulating these product details to customers.

Understand the benefits. In addition to knowing how a product is made, take the time to find out why that’s important. Does a product have a health benefit? Is all packaging recyclable? Does the product supplier support fair trade business practices? Is the product entirely locally sourced? Consumers want to know the effects of the green products they support, so make sure you can clearly articulate them.

Educate your consumers. A prominent display showcasing green products is important, but remember that customers may be confused about what exactly qualifies as green products, and why this is important. Incorporate some product detail into your display, or have this info easily available for customers to review.

One reason why it’s important for retailers to understand the specifics of sustainability is that “sustainable” often means different things to different people. Some suppliers offer products that are much greener than others.

At Wente Vineyards, sustainable farming practices are at the core of the California company’s 3,000 acres of estate vineyards. The family-owned winery was certified for its sustainability related to vineyard, winery, and company practices by the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing designation.

“Our basic philosophy is to take great care of the soil and be sure to put back into it what you take out after each harvest,” explains Karl Wente, Owner, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Winemaker at Wente. “Healthy soil leads to healthy grape vines, which leads to healthy clusters of fruit, which leads to great wine.”

Everything that goes into Wente wine products is grown on the family’s own land, giving them the highest possible level of control over their farming practices. All water used at the winery is recycled, and the company is very responsible in terms of how much it irrigates.

Wente recycles as many other byproducts as it can, including glass and plastic. It is also very conscious of limiting energy use as much as possible, by utilizing things like skylights and motion-sensor lighting throughout the winery.

Wente says the vineyard’s sustainability practices are one of company’s values that he’s most proud of. “The effort we put into being sustainable in all aspects of our business shows our commitment to wanting to do good in this area,” he explains.

How can retailers effectively showcase Wente wines and other sustainable products to consumers? Wente says it’s essential to have a section of your store clearly designated for green products. Also, make sure to offer point-of-sale materials and other educational displays to showcase these distinctive products to consumers.

Source: Cheers
by Melissa Niksic
January 3, 2017

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