Sushi Mashups Are Ruling The Internet Right Now

Posted: Mar 31, 2017

If you’ve ever watched a sushi chef at work, you know it’s a delicate process that requires skill, precision, and expertise. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a sushi burrito, you know it doesn’t exactly require the same skillset. Yet if our news feeds are to be believed, the popularity of unusual sushi hybrids/mashups/fusions, like the sushi-rito, is on the rise.

As we began rounding up the most bizarre sushi creations out there, we spoke with Jackson Yu, owner and executive chef of the Michelin-starred Omakase in San Francisco, to get his take on the craze. And, while he understands the artful appeal of the trend, he doesn’t consider the invention strictly sushi, telling The Feast, “There’s a tremendous amount of thought and artistry and experience that goes into making sushi, and the look of the final product cannot be more important than the individual flavor components.” He added, “The traditional Japanese sushi chefs I talked to at Omakase are offended by these styles and don't consider it to be Japanese food at all.”

We totally get you, Chef Yu—but we also can't help but drool over these latest sushi creations, likely engineered for their extreme Instagramability. Sorry, chef!

Sushi Burger

We're not quite sure how the rice bun stays together once you bite into it, but we're sold. And here's a bonus: At least you don't have to worry about your burger being overcooked.

Sushi Cake

Cake for dinner? Sign us up immediately. We don’t think sushi cake will be replacing actual cake any time soon (all due respect to Funfetti), but as an alternative to Japanese meat cakes, we say this is an A+ way to have your seafood cake and eat it too.

Sushi Pie

If we're all-in for sushi cake, we're definitely in for sushi pie, too. Cut us a big wedge, serve it on a plate for dinner, and call us happy.

Sushi Burrito

Of course, an examination of all the sushi hybrids out there couldn't overlook the sushi burrito, which has whole restaurants dedicated to these rice-and-seafood-filled wraps that are really just handheld oversize maki rolls. Not that we're complaining.

Sushi Donuts

Beautiful? Yes. Donuts? Kind of. Sushi? Don’t be so sure. Chef Yu says, “These unusual sushi creations are much too heavy on the rice, which overwhelms the other flavors. In the Japanese tradition, the fish and seasoning should be the primary flavor.”

Would we still eat them? Sure, but we wouldn’t be happy about it.

(Ok, maybe a little. Or a lot.)

Sushi Cups

We’re calling it: this is the most adorable way to serve sushi of all time. Unlike other sushi mashups, this invention didn’t warp what it is that makes sushi so delicious; it just found a simple finger-friendly way to serve it up. You go, sushi cups.

Keeping doing…whatever it is that you do.

by Drew DiSabatino March 22, 2017 Source Article and photos: Bravo TV

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