Michigan Moves To Ban Cannabis-infused Beer And Liquor

Posted: Oct 05, 2018

Anyone who’s used cannabis and alcohol has ended up in the classic weed versus booze debate. In a lot of ways, it’s the pancakes v. waffles of the intoxicant world — with the whole debate coming down to personal preference, provided moderate use is a consideration. But whereas most people don’t opt to double up on breakfast carbs (and if you do, mad respect), getting crossfaded is pretty damn common. In fact, simultaneous use of weed with booze is almost twice as high as concurrent use — which is one reason cannabis-infused beers and liquors are so frequently part of the news cycle these days.

But for the people of Michigan enjoying one of these sure-to-hit-the-market-soon beverages likely won’t be an option. On October 2, the Michigan state House voted 101-4 to prohibit the use, possession, or sale of cannabis-infused beer, wine, liquor, and mixed drinks. It expected Governor Rick Snyder will sign the measure. In doing so, Michigan joins California and Oregon in vocally nixing infused bevvies.

However, both California and Oregon have legalized recreational cannabis use and Michigan hasn’t — making this a preemptive move that makes it pretty obvious the Michigan state government expects voters to legalize recreational use in their state next month. Is it in poor taste to make a joke about legalizing weed when Flint doesn’t have clean bong water?

While it is on record that using cannabis and alcohol together roughly doubles the odds of self-harm, drunk driving, and weird ass social consequences, opponents of the measure are quick to point out there isn’t a commercial market for the beverages, so what’s the point? As pot is illegal at the federal level, liquor establishments couldn’t sell the drinks even if they were legal to make.

We hope that Michigan does choose to legalize cannabis (and not just because Ted Nugent says not to, but for that reason too), and perhaps at some point down the road they can revisit this issue and give their breweries and distilleries the chance to enter what is looking like it is going to be a booming market. For now, people will just have to do what most people have done for centuries and hold a drink in one hand while holding a drink in the other.

By Alia Stearns
October 04, 2018
Source: UPROXX.com

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