Is This The Last Straw?

Posted: Aug 14, 2018

by Andrew Chalk

The common drinking straw must be one of mankind’s most useful inventions. It is a delivery channel, a hygiene aid, an assistant for those who have difficulty drinking from a cup or glass. All for less than a penny! Some vendors, for example the hopdoddy chain in Texas, customized the straw to a one centimetre wide transformation in order to prevent their specialized milkshakes clogging.

The concept is sound, the problem is the chosen material of construction, plastic, does not decompose and eventually clogs landfills or, very visibly, the oceans and rivers of our planet. So serious is the perception of the problem that several restaurant chains have announced the end of straws in their premises.

Customers miss the straws, but support the rationale.

The smart money, in this scenario, is going to be on finding a way to deliver the utility of the common drinking straw without the sustainability issues.

Enter Repurpose compostable straws. Straws made from plant material. They bend without cracking, are BPA and chlorine free, and compost in 180 days, As a bonus they use fewer fossil resources in their construction and come packed in an 85% recycled cardboard container. Little wonder that they are approved in every place that non-recyclable straws are banned.

I have been trying a sample from the manufacturer, and have found that they work as well as a plastic straw. A box of 50 is just $2.79 and a store locator is on the home page of their web site (all the major supermarkets are on board).

Repurpose is an interesting company. Some entrepreneurs, seeing that a response to environmental issues would be blanket product bans, set out to make environmentally friendlier alternatives. So far, the Los Angeles based firm has focused on the target-rich area of what might be classified as cutlery and crockery but it would seem that the possibilities are huge.

By Andrew Chalk
August 14, 2018

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