What Will The Wine Business Look Like In 2028?

Posted: Mar 13, 2018

This article excerpt reveals that the writing is on the wall for the wine business model. Will you adapt or live the example of Kodak?

So to the title question: What will the business like in 2028? I believe it will look nothing like it did in 2018. Realize we have 40 years of change, and the business never looks the same a decade later.

          2028 - Marketing Analytics, CRM, Big Data

From all the analytics and data I'm viewing, I think we are coming to the end of the elevated growth in the tasting room and club models we've been managing for the past decade.That's not to say they are going away or will stop growing in 2019. I'm saying that in 10 years, the wine business won't look anything like it does today, so clubs and direct sales will also evolve:

  • In 2028 the Millennial will be the dominate consumer. 
  • By that point we will have access to digital tools that don't exist now. We will be able to use big-data to attack our client lists and find the right consumer targets for efficient direct calling.
  • We will be able to sell direct to consumers who never set foot in your tasting room.
  • We will be able to create regional sales tactics in other states that are efficient and cost effective. 
  • We will discover how to change the experience and create them 'on the road.' 
  • We will have software programs that will allow us to create personas within our consumer lists, and then craft marketing programs in-house that will feel personalized to the end consumer.
  • We will have third party digital marketers who will actually sell wine, not just list wine for sale on a web site.
  • Tasting rooms will be important still, but the growth in sales will be on-line and supported with direct marketing.
  • Wine clubs will have better information on consumer level depletions, putting an end to the club that ships wine on a schedule.
  • International sales will gain in importance and we will be able to sell more easily to foreign markets in the same way we sell on-line today.
  • Retailers will take on a greater place as marketing agents, and become a more effective advocate for producers.
By Rob McMillan
March 11, 2018
Source and complete article: SVBwine.blogspot.com

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