Sonoma County Sustainable Wine Label

Posted: Jan 28, 2018

In January 2018, Sonoma County Winegrowers announced a Sonoma County Sustainble wine label.  In an initial pilot program with Ferrai-Carano Vineyards and Winery and Dutton Estate Winery, SCW’s sustainable winegrowing label is now visible on almost 24,000 cases of Sonoma County wine and will soon be widely available in the marketplace. The label is TTB-approved and is available in a variety of colors, intended to compliment existing wine branding and is available for use by qualified Sonoma County growers and wineries starting with the 2017 vintage.

Wine brands producing wine that is sourced from Sonoma County grapes which are certified sustainable, may be eligible to use the label on wine bottles starting with the 2017 vintage.  Sonoma County grapes must be sustainable certified under at least one of the following four accepted sustainability programs: Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CSWA Program), Fish Friendly Farming (FFF), Sustainability In Practice (SIP) and Lodi Rules.


Wine brands interested in using the Sonoma County Sustainability label must comply with all of the following requirements:

85% of the grapes in each bottle bearing the Sonoma County Sustainability label must be sourced from Sonoma County.

85% of the grapes in each bottle bearing the Sonoma County Sustainability label must be certified sustainable under one of the four accepted sustainability programs.  The certification needs to be valid within the last two years and the wine brand will provide documentation to prove this.

Wine brands must be able to provide documentation tracking certified sustainable grapes throughout the wine making process: from crush, through storage and up to bottling.

Vineyards the grapes are sourced from must be certified to at least one of the four accepted sustainability programs, but not all of them. Some vineyards may be certified under more than one sustainability program but this is not a requirement.  Wine brands must collect sustainability certificates from their growers.

Wine brands bearing the label must commit to working with their processing facility and undergoing a Chain of Custody audit for each vintage and varietal(s) bearing the label. The audit will be conducted by SCW staff or one of SCW’s approved auditors.

Wine brands and their processing facility must commit to participating in a random spot audit should they be selected. The fee of the spot audit will be covered through the annual admin fee collected by SCW.


Please review our SC Sustainability Label FAQ for more information.

Wine Brands:

If you are interested in using the logo, please download the SC Sustainability Label Overview for Wine Brands to learn more.


Please fill out the Sonoma County Sustainability Label Application and return to   

January 26, 2018

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